The Logic Behind The Best Steroid Cycles

For neophytes to the wonderful world of steroids, the best steroid cycles will be a mystery at first. This is only natural because the prevailing mentality is that you take one medication alone to treat something like a headache or flu. And besides, taking too many different brands of medications can be confusing, expensive and time-consuming.

Also, ingesting multifarious drugs to treat a malady can exact a heavy toll on vital organs of the body, especially the kidneys. However, the roids environment is an entirely different animal altogether. Here, taking the best steroid stacks would be the norm rather than the exception. Often, adopting the best steroid cycle is the only way to survive.

The American Olympic team was thrust into the same situation in the 1940s and the 1950s when it had to compete with the Russian delegation. The late 1950s were the golden years of Dianabol, a kind of brute force juice that had absolutely no qualms about showing off its anabolic prowess. When put side by side with the Nandrolones, Dianabol brands often make the competition look timid and weak by comparison.

However, there is often a big price to pay for taking the direct route to bulking up, performance enhancement and Herculean strength. The liver is the usual first casualty that Dianabol takes, that is if the overdose approach were taken. All the more reason why the juice must work with a sidekick like Deca Durabolin or Nandrolone Phenylpropionate in order to have the much needed liver escape clause.

After all, the two sidekicks are healthy on the liver. Unfortunately, the trio of Dianabol, Deca and Phenylpropionate is not enough to battle the dark forces ala, The Avengers. And that’s why testosterone under the guise of Cypionate, needs to be taken in higher doses compared to the trio in order to counteract the testo deficiency that arises from the enlistment of the other roids into the best steroid stack.

In summary, the best steroid cycle will look something like this: Seven hundred milligrams of Cypionate, 500 of Deca or Phenylpropionate weekly against 50 milligrams each of Dianabol and Aromasin daily. The said dosages are to be followed religiously over a weekly period for a total of 12 weeks. Aromasin has been added into the fray because it’s a terrific aromatization fighter. Meaning, it counteracts the strong tendency of both Dianabol and Cypionate to be absorbed by female hormones that undermine the best steroid stack’s ability to uphold secondary male characteristics.

As you can see, the world of steroids involves a lot of interplay among the forces of many different formulations. Such teamwork is not a mere pharmaceutical gimmick or sheer inventiveness. Just like in the field of culinary arts, all the ingredients must work together in order to produce a sumptuous meal.