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It is now obvious that many people in the weightlifting, bodybuilding and athletics regardless of their level of training are using Dbol. Perhaps it is because Dbol is highly trusted among other steroids and that it remains so after many decades of its use. Its mild effects coupled with meticulous gains are reasons to explain why many people are always willing to consume it. Here is why beginners, intermediate users and experienced users prefer Dbol over other UK steroids options.


When starters begin their search on the internet, they find a lot of desirable reviews from experienced users who advise them to go ahead and buy Dbol. Therefore, Dianabol becomes their first steroid in their bulking cycle. It is a good option for starters because of its minimal side effects when taken as expected. It is possible for the user to gain up to 20 pounds during the first cycle of Dbol. However, Dbol is not very effective when used singlehandedly. It is known to combine well with other anabolic steroids, making it an appropriate option for beginners who are interested in creating their unique stacks and cycles.

Intermediate Users of Legal Steroids UK

These are the people who have some slight experience with Dianabol, but who are taking lower doses than the maximum recommended. Studies have shown that many intermediate users are conservative and prefer doses of 25mg per day. They also pair Dbol with other successful steroids such as Trenbolone and Deca Durabolin usually in 12-16 week cycles. For good results, Dbol is used during the first 4-6 weeks of the steroid cycle while other supplements are popularly used during the second phase of the cycle. This kind of schedule assures the user of a synergistic effect, making this steroid and its appropriate stacks a better option for greater gains and minimum side effects.

Experienced Users

These are people with a considerable experience of using steroids, especially Dbol. They have years of staying on steroid cycles and are aware of the side effects and positive effects of using steroids. These users take Dbol either to kickstart a major bulking cycle or to assist them to overcome mid-cycle plateaus that often come with anabolic steroids. They use maximum dosages of Dbol, which is 50mg per day for longer periods (cycles). However, they use Dbol during the first half of their cycle followed by 4-week cycle during the mid cycle.

Hardcore Users

Finally, there are those considered to be hardcore users who purchase Dianabol in large quantities. These people are known to use greater dosages to massive muscle gains. Some are reported to use as high as 100m per day for 6-8 weeks. However, experts suggest that increasing the dosage beyond 50mg per day may not add significant gains. Instead, higher dosages increase the severity of the risks and side effects. Most hardcore users of steroids tend to combine Dbol with higher dosages of testosterone. They also stack more than two anabolic steroids such as Sustanon 250, Deca Durabolin and trenbolone in a single cycle.